West Coast Royalty ‘Liddy Mechelle’

The fierce Liddy Mechelle is a true diamond. This Queen is known all throughout LA County, which is her hometown. With south Central being one of her familiar playgrounds. Liddy Mechelle is now confidently claiming her spot in the music industry. 

The beginning of “Liddy Mechelle’s” journey was inspired by songs she wrote with her mother as a child. Her mom being a singer and having a love for music herself was Liddy’s first introduction to her found destiny. It’s been said that she was able to find her way,having to spend time in Juvenile Hall. She quotes in her single “ She Can Freak it” , that there were times she was heard rapping in cells. Well, she’s free now and she is living her truth. Liddy Mechelle has faced many tragic moments that could have easily discouraged her from pursuing her desire to be heard as a female MC. Instead she used it to fuel her flame. 

There’s no excuses! Liddy Mechelle is Fearless and not ashamed to lay all her cards on the table. This Mega Artist kicked the summer 2021 off right with her impressive collaboration 

catalogue, starting with her single, “She Can Freak It”. This single actually featured the originator of the throwback record “We can freak it”, which is “ The official Kurupt”, along with other female featuring artists “Ashbash the rapper” and singer “Leah writes” who are all also from the west coast. 

“She can freak it” was shot right outside of the same apartments that Liddy and her mom was unfortunately evicted from , at the age of Liddy being only 15 years old. The video showed a lot of redemption for Liddy Mechelle. She’s now able to look back at all the hardships and pat herself on the back for all of her accomplishments. She has made it her business to show us many this year. 

Following Liddy’s single release of “She can freak it”, she woke the world up even more with her song “Blow you Out” featuring “Lavish D” from Sacramento, all of which are on her latest released album “BLK GIRL”. The “BLK GIRL ” album became available following “Liddy Mechelle’s” official album release party June 20,2021. She managed to give Los Angeles a very memorable experience. The complete event was solely organized and sponsored by Liddy Mechelle and she was able to reach a capacity of over 250 people, overall having a safe, professional but yet epic turn out. Her drive has been unmatched this summer. 

“Liddy” just been being “Liddy”. Straight Raw! She has been consistently releasing visuals to her album that the fans just can’t resist. Her name is ringing everywhere from radio to blog interviews. From the looks of it , There’s nothing but success ahead for “Liddy Mechelle” so be sure to keep an eye out for her on all platforms. 

Oh and remember, its “Liddy” not Litty. 

You can find ‘Liddy on the socials below or on streaming platforms @LiddyMechelle.

Publication Written by: Donna Johnson A.K.A Entertainment PR “Eunique Bell” 7/29/2021

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