The Chosen One ‘Spike-D’

Being the “chosen one” in the family was never something “Spike D ” saw, as “something to brag about. More so it was just always on his conscience that he “Had to be” the one to make a way for the family. For him, his brother, his children and sister to have a better life. That had to be a heavy burden, being that “Spike” was adopted at the very early age of 8years old. Fighting the pain of feeling confused about why life was happening how it was facing day to day obstacles, and keeping a close eye on his two younger siblings which were 4 and 7 at the time ,was a lot for a young man that was, yet only a kid himself. 

Like many ,he’s lived a life of battling himself most of the time. Stuck in between being trapped in the streets, which is the only life he’s ever really known and Creating a New start for himself. He decided to put his entertainment career before everything to break free of the statistics of what he was expected to be as a young black male born into poverty and family chaos. “Spike D” is a respected Detroit entertainer known for producing massive content. Song after song, only getting better and better every single track. “Spike D ”is very versatile. He has a style that can’t be categorized as anything but “great music”. He raps, he sings, he writes and music just comes naturally to him. He’s literally the entire package for the industry. 

The best thing about “Spike D ” as an artist is that he has no problem doing the “LAB work”. He’s someone who actually takes music as a full profession and He’s far beyond average, when it comes to “good vibes” coming through your speakers. It’s very rare nowadays! 

Most artists are only pushing singles and half of them have writing teams. “Spike D” has already released Three Mixtapes. His last tape alone “Jacc Boy State of Mine ” has 26 songs on it and is available everywhere. All, being songs that he’s written from his own pen. That’s a way to set the bar! 

One of his favorite quotes, 

I don’t do it for the money, because I don’t want to lose the passion.” 

I love it! You guys stay checking for 

“Spike D” on all platforms. 


Publication Written by: Donna Johnson A.K.A Entertainment PR “Eunique Bell” 7/29/2021

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