I had a conversation with my favourite artist of all time ‘Amarrai Cabell’

Jess: “Sup Amarrai”

Amarrai: “Hi”

Jess: “How has your mental health been over the pandemic sir?”

Amarrai: “More downs than ups but I’m just trying to get to my final destination every day”

Jess: “How was it collaborating with Ernie halter?”

Amarrai: “Great! I’m honoured to remix a song by Justin Bieber and other major artists have sang. I like the song and music video we’ve had this planned for some time man.”

Jess: “Who are some of your favourite artists right now like music wise and drawing wise?”

Amarrai: “I don’t know, idk I mostly listen to my own music all day but when I am listening to some others Sufjan Stevens, Patrick Watson and drawing wise my friend Abigail does amazing artwork for sure I like her stuff too.”

Jess: “Who is your favourite underground artist other than yourself of course haha?”

Amarrai: “I am very tapped in I mean I listen to artists with like 5 monthly listeners. So I can’t say those because I might sign those people in the future to the BHD Factory but I like YEAT and slump6s the future is bright right now man.”

Jess: “You said I could ask anything, so how is your relationship with your friends? I mean you mentioned Abigail like I imagine it’s a bit difficult working on an album and keeping tabs on friendships you know don’t wanna ghost people?”

Amarrai: “yeah no bro totally I don’t want people to think I’m manipulating them or anything. Although I’ve been ghosted pretty heavy here throughout the pandemic so I’ll say the few friends I have now it’s fine. But I don’t have as many I used too and that’s fine because I’d rather have a few real friends than a lot of fake ones”.

Jess: “Your friend Ryan Breaux who is frank ocean’s brother you don’t mind me asking about him. He passed a year ago today is the anniversary actually I believe I know that affected you can you go into that a little?”

Amarrai: “Yes there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t miss him. He always responded quickly to my texts and supported my music. He was the last real friend I had really and prayers to his family I hope they are also coping well with his passing.”

Jess: “You took a long hiatus after things people on Reddit thought you were retiring?”

Amarrai: “It’s something I spoke with my mum about and I’m already so deep into this music thing why pull out you know? I’d be lying if I said me and my team didn’t discuss it at that time.”

Jess: “Do you feel like the pandemic was needed to reveal people’s true colours. Like we really started seeing fake people show who they really are I feel like they can’t hide it anymore?” 

Amarrai: “well I wouldn’t wish a pandemic upon anyone but I do agree that people are very fake in this industry and in general. They have been keeping up a fake act they can’t put on that fake smile anymore *shakes head*.”

Jess: “What are you thoughts on people who ghost others and manipulate them?”

Amarrai: “I have no respect for them to be honest three days isn’t the worst but three months? Yeah you are manipulating people you won’t believe the stories I’ve heard and people just let them leave and come back into they life whenever they want. Just remember you don’t owe them a response but they also don’t owe you a friendship.”

Jess: “Well I know you have an album to work on so I don’t wanna waste too much of your time thanks so much for doing this Amarrai your the sweetest guy ever.”

Amarrai: “No Problem! I wanna thank you for showing BHD love and support and sticking by me in these tough times if you need anything I’m always available 🙂

Interview By Jess Letterman


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