Miami’s Trendsetter ‘Rich Prince’

There it is! “Rich Prince”. That’s the name we’re checking for on the upcoming mainstream New artist list. “Rich Prince” is spreading flames very quickly in the music industry.

Originating from Miami Florida, ‘Rich Prince” is giving us a very international sound. His music already proves him to be a hitmaker. Being that “Rich Prince operates independently, his style and quality of music is very impressive. “Every time he writes a song it sounds like it’s already on the radio.” is a ‘Rich Prince’ fan quote. That’s a quite unique way to be perceived by an audience when you’re part of the underground Entertainment scene.

‘Rich Prince’ is very focused right now in his career and takes his craft very seriously. He
also shows to be very organized , professional and strategic when it comes to his projects and content creation. Not only is “Rich Prince an artist, but also Founder and Owner of his label ‘Visionary Music Creators’.

‘Visionary Music Creators’ is an Artist community where members are surrounded by
support and all the resources needed to develop into the Mega artist they desire to be.
‘Rich Prince’ has dedicated himself to, not only making his own projects priority, but also being available to provide guidance as well to the artists that have been welcomed to join ‘VMC’.

Starting the summer 2021 off right, ‘Rich Prince’ released his trending single “TikTok”. The song has started an actual dance challenge on the ‘Tik Tok’ social media site and has ‘influencers’ all over the world, sending in their dance moves.

Needless to say, the ‘Rich Prince’ is a very spiritually driven person and according to his progress, all things must be very well aligned because ‘The Take Off’ is real! This is a very
exciting time for ‘Rich Prince’ as the rise of his new single is rapidly setting the bar for him to be a ‘Hot Topic’! So if you guys have been getting drowned out with the same old radio mixes, keep an open ear for the up and coming trend. ‘Miami Trendsetter’ Rich Prince.

Instagram @iamRichPrince
Written by Donna Johnson known as
Entertainment PR Eunique Bell
instagram@euniquebell 10/09/2021

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