Interview With Author And Poet ‘Lontrell’

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Dallas, Texas/ raised in Oak Cliff currently living in Oklahoma. I’m an author/poet check out my book Inner Thoughts of a Concrete Heart on Amazon.

How did you come up with your artist name? 

Easy question, it’s one of my middle names.

How long have you been in the music industry? 

Roughly 2 – 3 years.

How did you get started in the music business in the first place?

It started as a dream to help artists that would have never been seen or heard due to their location or finances, I created a label called NHJG (No Help Just Grind) Records and started managing an artist by the name of a Pyrotopic. He moved to New York to better his life and I stayed. I don’t believe in giving false promises so I want to be the best artist so I can have a better blueprint to help the next.

How would you describe your latest single? 


When can fans expect the visuals for the single?

Hopefully November.

Who are your inspirations in the music industry?

My inspirations range from Pac,Treach, Nas, Tech N9ne, Z-Ro, D.S.R., Mr. Lucci to Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas, J. Cole.

How do you go about writing a song and what is your process?  

I start by writing how I feel then everything flows after. One song might take months just cause I want every line thought out. Whoever listens deserves to hear real lyrics, nothing rushed.

What is the concept behind your forthcoming project if working on one?

Currently working on 2 projects, one dedicated to members of my family that’s going through their different situations such as cancer or caretaking someone that’s having seizures. The other is just another insight on what I’ve been through that I’m bringing my homeboy Kang on.

Any plans on touring to promote your latest single?

If anything comes around yea but reality is you need money for that and unfortunately not every artist does.

What did you buy with your first check off music?

When I do if ever recieve a check off my music, I’m going to buy studio time.

What are must haves when your in the studio working?

Only thing I must have is a pen and a pad, everything else is not a necessity. I smoke and drink but when I’m in the studio the only thing that matters to me is the music.

What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Stay true to me, it’s ok to be different.

Will you be collaborating with any other artists in the future?

Hopefully the right person hears and they want me to jump on till then we will see.

What artist have you had the pleasure of working with and what was it like?

Only artist I’ve worked with so far lyrically is a local artist named Kang.

Name an artist(s) that you would love to work with?  

Shatasha Williams, T.I., Chalie Boy, Z-Ro, J. Cole, Killer Mike, any Dallas artist to be real.

Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?

Lyrical flow.

What area do you need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc…)

Promotion And Production.

What’s your all-time favourite song? 

So Many Tears – Tupac Shakur

What was the last album you listened to?

Nas – King’s Disease II

Your favourite artist of all time and why?

Tupac, his work ethic plus his body of work each song had meaning.

Whose your favourite five artists right now? 

Z-Ro, T.I., Mr. Lucci, Shiik aka Bobby Roze, Boosie Badazz

In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist  in your genre today and why?

DaBaby if you look at the success and fame in the timespan he achieved it deserves roses, can’t really turn on the radio without catching one of his songs controversy or not.

Who have been some of your favourite artists that you’ve been able to work with?

Looking forward to working with anyone. Music is therapeutic.

How do you feel about the current state of music? 

I respect lyricism which new generations don’t really care for so it seems like true lyricists go unheard. I feel the current state of music is lacking meaning within the song.

Any dream award shows you hope to one day play at?

Hip Hop Awards, B.E.T. Awards.

What is your main goal as far as music?

To be noticed and recognized in the hip hop world. I want to be able to help the next artist go after their dream.

Who would you say your music relates to the most?

Yes, everyone goes through pain and loss and if you can’t relate you can visualize what i been through and sympathise.

What separates you from other artists? (What’s makes you different?)

I still work a 9 to 5, I’m not rich, I’m authentic , my flow is different and so is my tone. I’m not willing to be fake.

When your not in the studio, What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

Write poetry and play the game.

If you could work with any producer who would it be?

I got to go with Dr. Dre, or Rza.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Releasing my single I know anyone can do that don’t get me wrong but for my pops to hear my song on Pandora was worth it.

What is your dream venue to perform at?

Dream right got to be American Airlines Center in Dallas.

What’s the name of the last book you read and by whom?

The Art & Science of Respect: A memoir by James Prince and Inner Thoughts Of A Concrete Heart by Victor Cooper.

What’s your favourite sports team and why?

Dallas Cowboys, I’m going to always rock with my city.

Whose your favourite actor or actress and their best movie?

Denzel Washington, Malcolm X

Name someone famous who inspires you and why?

Bobby Sessions, To see someone from my city blow and make a name for himself in this world of hip hop inspires me to follow my passion no matter how long it takes.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More music, more music and more music.

Where can the fans check out for your music?

My music is on all streaming platforms

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