Music Duo ‘Infamous Star Boys’ Working On Upcoming EP ‘Bitter Sweet’

Infamous Star Boys (ISB) is the collaboration of two true-to-the-heart, sharp, and aware
storytellers. Born in a third-world country in the Caribbean islands, it is a must for them to express their stories. The Infamous Star Boys sleep, breathe, and dream of sharing their Caribbean culture in musical forms authentic to them.

The duo’s creative passion ranges from Pop to hip-hop, alt-pop to R&B, afro, reggae, and everything in between. ISB has made it their goal to express the sound of our time with powerful personal stories, social commentary, and the trials of love. They always bring the vibe and the culture with their music. Infamous star boys don’t play by genre laws or heed convention. Be alert.

The Duo is currently working on a Ep named Bitter Sweet, where they are exploring their romantic relationship and how it is interpreted in the contemporary societal view. The Single for the E.P will drop this Summer.

2022 is proving to be the most dedicated and rewarding year for the Duo thus far. They released two E.P. ‘s in four months and debuted their live performance presences. ISB’s unreleased catalog is massive; hence the reason they do not worry even after releasing 18 tracks in four months. Here is the result when asked the duos what their top five favourite released songs are.

  1. Pressure
  2. Untitled (from Eternal Dying Love)
  3. I Tried
  4. Come To Me (from Raw Hidden Mixture)
  5. For Daddy

Fun facts about the duo.

D.S, who carries the group’s black look, is fascinated by the music business side. He recently received a bachelor’s degree in Media Business and Entrepreneurship from Temple University. His partner Marcky, who wears multiple hats in the group, such as the producer, the vibe maker, and the hitmaker, is passionate about becoming the best and dominating the music chart for years to come; he also has his education based in theater acting. Together their friends refer to them as the Caribbean’s Neptune.

Listen to / follow Infamous Star Boy:

Infamous Star Boys
Philadelphia, PA / Brooklyn, NY

For Immediate Release

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