February 2021

In February we interviewed:

Week 1: S.T.I.N.E (Rap Artist), Nice Humans (Indie Artist & Producer), Realness112 (Hip Hop Artist), Chili AF (Singer Songwriter), Petey (Producer & Rap Artist).

Week 2: Rini K (Pop Singer), Big Homie (Rap Artist), Verity White (Indie Band Member), Eunique Bell (Artist & Songwriter), Adrian Rey (Singer, Songwriter & Producer).

Week 3: Shimmer Johnson (Singer & Songwriter), YNG SOLO (Rap Artist), Dar.Ra (Songwriter & Producer), Glenn (NSK Band member).

Week 4: MightySavage (Hiphop Artist), Pretti Emage (Hiphop Duo).


Rap Artist from New York.

Nice Humans

Indie Artist and Producer.


Hip Hop Artist from the U.K.

Chili AF

Singer Songwriter From Brazil.


Producer & Rap Artist From Canada.

Rini K

Pop Singer & Songwriter From United States.

Big Homie

Rap Artist From United States.

Verity White

Indie Band Member From United Kingdom.

Eunique Bell

Artist & Songwriter From United States.

Adrian Rey

Singer, Songwriter & Producer From United States.

Shimmer Johnson

Singer & Songwriter & From United States.


Rap Artist From United States.


Songwriter & Producer From United Kingdom.

Glenn – NSK

Guitarist & Band Member From United States.


Hip Hop Artist From United States.

Pretti Emage

Hip Hop Duo From United States.

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