Exclusive membership for artists and musicians of all genres.

Radio Submissions

Are you wanting your music to be considered to be played on the radio? Whether it be amateur radio, college radio or major radio stations we have you covered. We will do a email blast for each release over the term of your membership to all the radio station contacts we have.

Playlist Submissions

Having your music on a playlist is very good for exposure and new fans and a steady amount of regular streams from an existing fan base. We can submit all your releases over the duration to of your membership to curators and play listers for consideration on there playlists.

A Landing Page

We will also offer a EPK (Electronic Press Kit) permanent landing page on our site that you can share with others so they can see all your artist/music information in one place.

Other Benefits

There are also many other benefits you will also benefit from over the membership period.

  • Post your latest releases on our socials
  • Free advice from our music manager and Indie label owner
  • Discount on music promotion/adverts
  • Music interview on our blog and podcast
  • Exclusive opportunities

We want to give all artists the exposure and recognition they deserve on a budget that is cost effective to the artist


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