Interview With Spoken Word/Rap Artist ‘Untold Poet’.

Tell us a little about yourself? Hello, I’m an upcoming Spoken word Rap artist from UK, Essex going by the name ‘Untold Poet’. I grew up in a small town called Leigh-on-Sea and fell in love with song writing when I was around twelve years old.  How did you come up with your artist name? Continue reading “Interview With Spoken Word/Rap Artist ‘Untold Poet’.”

Interview With Indie Band Member ‘Verity White’

Tell us a little about yourself? Hi! I’m Verity White and I head up a four piece indie/alternative/rock band – putting a genre on what we do is really difficult because we use so many different influences and so many different  instruments in our music, so I would suggest that you give it a listen andContinue reading “Interview With Indie Band Member ‘Verity White’”