Interview With Spoken Word/Rap Artist ‘Untold Poet’.

Tell us a little about yourself? Hello, I’m an upcoming Spoken word Rap artist from UK, Essex going by the name ‘Untold Poet’. I grew up in a small town called Leigh-on-Sea and fell in love with song writing when I was around twelve years old.  How did you come up with your artist name? Continue reading “Interview With Spoken Word/Rap Artist ‘Untold Poet’.”

Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’

Tell us a little about yourself? We are Burning Nickels – a punk rock band based mostly in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! This is a side project of members of Trashed Ambulance, Loser Points, and The Moröns that turned out way cooler than we thought it would! Due to the perils of COVID, we existContinue reading “Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’”

Interview With Hip Hop Artist ‘HellzFlame’

Tell us a little about yourself? I am HellzFlame, a Hip Hop Soul artist from Omaha Nebraska. I sing and rap, I am a songwriter as well as a performance artist. I have 6 children. I am engaged to be married to the woman of my dreams. And I grind hard 24/7 How did youContinue reading “Interview With Hip Hop Artist ‘HellzFlame’”

Interview With Music Duo ‘Lionfield’

Tell us a little about yourself? We are Matteo Salvatori and Emiliano Santoro, two musicians, songwriters and content creators from Italy. We met in elementary school 18 years ago and we have always shared the passion for music. We put together our first band when we were 15 years old and then we kept playingContinue reading “Interview With Music Duo ‘Lionfield’”

Interview With R&B/Soul Singer And Songwriter ‘Cameen’

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Cameen. I’m originally from Brooklyn New York. I grew up listening to gospel, jazz and soul music; and I have a BA degree in Marketing and sociology. How did you come up with your artist name? My artist name ‘Cameen’ is my first name. How longContinue reading “Interview With R&B/Soul Singer And Songwriter ‘Cameen’”

Interview With Rapper, Singer & Songwriter ‘Osay’

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m Osay, an up and coming rapper, singer-songwriter from the south suburbs of Chicago. My style and sound is very much inspired by the 90s and I want to bridge that gap between old school and new school a bit. I’ve been creating for as long as I canContinue reading “Interview With Rapper, Singer & Songwriter ‘Osay’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘RinRin’

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m singer and songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. How did you come up with your artist name? It’s a short name for Qarin. However, there were other Rins so made it double. How long have you been in the music industry? I launched my debut single as a soloContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘RinRin’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Kellie-Anne Poirier’

Tell us a little about yourself? Sure! I’m Kellie-Anne, 18 years old. I was born in Quebec City, Canada, moved to Dubai in 2009 where I lived for 8 years and I’m now in New Jersey since 2017. I’m a singer-songwriter who’s still going to school and planning to go to college next year. IContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Kellie-Anne Poirier’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘WT’

Tell us a little about yourself? Well first off, I want to thank you for taking this time and interviewing me. I was born in Pensacola Florida and lived I there for a good portion of my life. Then I started moving around a bit. First, I moved right across the state line to goContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘WT’”

Interview With Singer & Bass Player ‘Badger Brewington’

Tell us a little about yourself?  My name is Badger Brewington, I’m the singer and bass player for Spidercat. I also play synth and keys occasionally. Ratty Hadders is our guitarist and Doggy Dunton plays drums. Ratty and I have been playing together since we were kids. We got to know Dog more recently. He’sContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Bass Player ‘Badger Brewington’”