Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’

Tell us a little about yourself? We are Burning Nickels – a punk rock band based mostly in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! This is a side project of members of Trashed Ambulance, Loser Points, and The Moröns that turned out way cooler than we thought it would! Due to the perils of COVID, we existContinue reading “Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’”

Interview With Guitarist & Band Member Glenn From ‘NSK’

Tell us a little about yourself? Glenn – I’ve been a college professor for nearly two decades, and I was a high school and college baseball player. I started teaching myself to play the guitar in my early twenties and have never had a lesson. In high school I was the singer for the garageContinue reading “Interview With Guitarist & Band Member Glenn From ‘NSK’”

Interview With Indie Band Member ‘Verity White’

Tell us a little about yourself? Hi! I’m Verity White and I head up a four piece indie/alternative/rock band – putting a genre on what we do is really difficult because we use so many different influences and so many different  instruments in our music, so I would suggest that you give it a listen andContinue reading “Interview With Indie Band Member ‘Verity White’”

Interview With Indie Artist ‘Tinny Bennett’

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Antony, but as a child I would say Antinny, so I was nicknamed Tinny. From a very early age (about 2) I showed interest in music, so I was bought a guitar. I have been playing ever since. How did you come up with your artistContinue reading “Interview With Indie Artist ‘Tinny Bennett’”