Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’

Tell us a little about yourself? We are Burning Nickels – a punk rock band based mostly in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! This is a side project of members of Trashed Ambulance, Loser Points, and The Moröns that turned out way cooler than we thought it would! Due to the perils of COVID, we existContinue reading “Interview With Punk Rock Band ‘Burning Nickels’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Kellie-Anne Poirier’

Tell us a little about yourself? Sure! I’m Kellie-Anne, 18 years old. I was born in Quebec City, Canada, moved to Dubai in 2009 where I lived for 8 years and I’m now in New Jersey since 2017. I’m a singer-songwriter who’s still going to school and planning to go to college next year. IContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Kellie-Anne Poirier’”