Music Duo ‘Infamous Star Boys’ Working On Upcoming EP ‘Bitter Sweet’

Infamous Star Boys (ISB) is the collaboration of two true-to-the-heart, sharp, and awarestorytellers. Born in a third-world country in the Caribbean islands, it is a must for them to express their stories. The Infamous Star Boys sleep, breathe, and dream of sharing their Caribbean culture in musical forms authentic to them. The duo’s creative passionContinue reading “Music Duo ‘Infamous Star Boys’ Working On Upcoming EP ‘Bitter Sweet’”

Interview With Multi-Genre Caribbean Artists ‘Infamous Star Boys’

Tell us a little about yourself? We are two artists born on a Caribbean Island, M.G.M and D.S., and we go by Infamous Star Boys. D.S recently graduated from Temple University. We currently live in both Brooklyn, New York, and Philadelphia, PA. How did you come up with your artist name? One of our ex-bossesContinue reading “Interview With Multi-Genre Caribbean Artists ‘Infamous Star Boys’”