Interview With The Talented Multi-Genre Artist ‘Paul Noir’

How did you get started in the music business in the first place?  I began my career in rock bands, did some touring, and flirted with record labels for years. I had some small successes and performed on big stages. Looking back, I don’t know that the music we were doing was as honest and trueContinue reading “Interview With The Talented Multi-Genre Artist ‘Paul Noir’”

Interview With Influential Record Producer ‘Major88Keys’

Tell us a little about yourself? Kelvin Ellison Jr.  “MAJOR88KEYS” (Born June, 25th 1988)  Silver Spring, Maryland. Raised in Saint Louis, MO. I have been playing instruments and making music my whole life. With a strong musical background, stemming from growing up in the church. Coming out of high school, I became more of an “In Session Musician.” This is essentially how IContinue reading “Interview With Influential Record Producer ‘Major88Keys’”