Interview With Singer, Dancer, Artist & Host ‘Chantel Nicole’

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a bop princess from New York! I am a singer, dancer, actress and host. I wear a ton of creative hats but my main love and primary focus is singing. I enjoy songwriting and making my creations come to life for you all to see. I also likeContinue reading “Interview With Singer, Dancer, Artist & Host ‘Chantel Nicole’”

Interview With Multi Genre Singer ‘Uneekint’

Tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Portland Oregon in the USA I have three sisters I have four brothers that are not my biological brothers but you can call him brothers a group of very hard life and found that music was the way out so I started at a youngContinue reading “Interview With Multi Genre Singer ‘Uneekint’”

Interview With Award Winning Producer ‘G Money’

Tell us a little about yourself? An award winning creatively diverse Music Producer (From Dayton, Ohio) with over 10 years of successful experience composing, producing, mixing & mastering music in multiple genera’s including R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, Film, Digital Media, and Video Games.  How did you come up with your artist name?  My nameContinue reading “Interview With Award Winning Producer ‘G Money’”

Interview With R&B/Pop Singer ‘Jaida Aneese’

Tell us a little about yourself? I grew up in Northeast Ohio. After high school, I started posting on TikTok for fun, andwound up getting 14M views. My real passion was music, though. I never seriouslyconsidered pursuing it, and then one day I was like “Hey, maybe you can really dosomething with this talent.” That’sContinue reading “Interview With R&B/Pop Singer ‘Jaida Aneese’”

Interview With Pop Singer & Songwriter ‘Rini K’

Tell us a little about yourself? Hello! Firstly, thank you so much for doing this interview! I really appreciate it! My name is Rini K and I’m a new pop singer songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina! I’m about to be 16 years old and I began writing songs when I was 11. I ended upContinue reading “Interview With Pop Singer & Songwriter ‘Rini K’”