Interview With Songwriter & Producer ‘Dar.Ra’

Tell us a little about yourself? Irish born Songwriter and Author, made records for EMI, BMG, Polydor, Festival Records, 21st Century Records and now running the Kusha Deep Music label. How did you come up with your artist name? It’s an abbreviation of my birth name Darragh J Brady, I put out my books underContinue reading “Interview With Songwriter & Producer ‘Dar.Ra’”

Interview With Rap Artist ‘Yngsolo’

Tell us a Little bit about yourself? I’m from north Philadelphia I’m a singer/rapper/songwriter my favourite colour is red. How did You come up with my artist name? It came from always being alone born in the system and raised up in jail. I was always alone with myself and my head. How long haveContinue reading “Interview With Rap Artist ‘Yngsolo’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Shimmer Johnson’

How did you come up with your artist name? Shimmer I just loved. Johnson is my last name. So we just went with Shimmer Johnson. How long have you been in the music industry? I started writing songs at the age of 21. I have always been part of the music industry even as aContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Shimmer Johnson’”

Interview With Singer, Songwriter & Producer ‘Adrian Rey’

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is ADRIAN Rey, and I am a singer, songwriter, producer and visual. I am from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and love to write music about real stuff, or the things that make life beautiful, the things that make us cry. You know, the real stuff. I haveContinue reading “Interview With Singer, Songwriter & Producer ‘Adrian Rey’”

Interview With Artist & Songwriter ‘Eunique Bell’

Tell us a little about yourself? Euniquebell, 28 yrs, I’m the middle child of 4. I only have one sister and she’s younger, haven’t seen her since she was 5 months. I have one older brother and one younger. Me and the boys are still in touch, always have been but we were adopted outContinue reading “Interview With Artist & Songwriter ‘Eunique Bell’”

Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Chili AF’

Tell us a little about yourself?  I am Bulgarian, raised in Brazil. I’m a singer, songwriter & classical violinist. Also a gemini.  How did you come up with your artist name?  I went with Chili, because it includes my real nickname (ili) & plays with the gemini dichotomy: chili meaning both hot and cold, plus the AF coz itsContinue reading “Interview With Singer & Songwriter ‘Chili AF’”