Amarrai Cabell’s Latest Signee ‘INERT’ Has Just Released There New Single ‘I Would Never Lie’

INERT is trying to finish the year strong as he releases his first single ‘I would never lie’ funded by Amarrai Cabell and his label “BHD Factory” he brings just the right tempo and experimental flows on this trackhis album is set to release next year and will also be executive produced by Amarrai CabellContinue reading “Amarrai Cabell’s Latest Signee ‘INERT’ Has Just Released There New Single ‘I Would Never Lie’”

“Million Dollar Jefe”Puts “North Carolina” on the Map!

Sometimes Millions alone could be an understatement for such a talented, determined individual. Why ? Because, you really can’t put a price on someone who has a wealthy soul. Million Dollar Jefe is truly destined for greatness. Also known as “Jefe 3x”, during the summer of 2021 ,has done so much more than show himselfContinue reading ““Million Dollar Jefe”Puts “North Carolina” on the Map!”

The Chosen One ‘Spike-D’

Being the “chosen one” in the family was never something “Spike D ” saw, as “something to brag about. More so it was just always on his conscience that he “Had to be” the one to make a way for the family. For him, his brother, his children and sister to have a better life.Continue reading “The Chosen One ‘Spike-D’”

West Coast Royalty ‘Liddy Mechelle’

The fierce Liddy Mechelle is a true diamond. This Queen is known all throughout LA County, which is her hometown. With south Central being one of her familiar playgrounds. Liddy Mechelle is now confidently claiming her spot in the music industry.  The beginning of “Liddy Mechelle’s” journey was inspired by songs she wrote with herContinue reading “West Coast Royalty ‘Liddy Mechelle’”